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Hi, I'm Ms. Spencer...The Mad Scientist


Some info!
I have been in the education business for quite some time now.  (No you will not be able to get my age from this site!  And I hate being asked that dreadful question!)
I first taught at St. Micheal Academy in 2000.  I then taught at Harry S. Truman High School in the Bronx for 2 years...but I left my heart at St. Micheal Academy and returned in 2003.  I presently teach at the Bronx Center for Science and Math and am loving it. 
I also teach at Kingsborough Community College.  Yes! I am a College professor! 
I hope to have a Mad Scientist Club again where the members will participate in many trips and activities.  Listen to the announcements for more details!
For fun, I play the steel drum occasionally with the City South Steel Orchestra (see Picture.) I am presently am playing and singing with a band called "Nationz." 
I also love to spoil my cat Maximus.  Trust me you will know him very well.  I talk about him a lot.  Maximus was given to me by a St. Micheal's student in 2000. He was bearly 3 lbs.  Now he is 25lbs of fur!  I'll save the stories for later! 
I also love to travel.  So far I have been to Antigua (my home), Scotland, Paris, Jamaica, the Bahamas, Costa Rica, El Salvador, New York (obviously), Canada, England, numerous states including New Orleans!, St. Maarten, Puerto Rico and....oh boy I  can't remember!
I also have sweet teeth...not a sweet tooth.  I love cheesecake and starbucks...An almond steamer if you please!

Me Having Fun on a Gig with Majestic
Click picture for more info on steel pans


Click on the photo to learn more about Antigua's Carnival

Useful information:
Office hours:  Open Door Policy!
Office location: Room 210
Office Phone Number: TBA
Favorite Color: Blue
Birthday: August 20 (still accepting gifts!!!)
Newly Found Hobby: Hiking, Wild Water Rafting
Favorite Dessert:  Cheesecake (oh! the calories and carbs!!)
Favorite Foods: Seafood, Italian, Soul Food, West Indian Foods and Indian Food
Favorite Music:  Latin Jazz, Soca, Modern Gospel

What a Cutie!
Click picture to get more info on animals and science

E-mail address:

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