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I have an open  door policy.  No appointment is necessary.  I enjoy communicating with parents to make sure that all my students get the best out of my classes!

This is your link to me in and out of the classroom.
By request,  you can get your child's progress report, grades, and general information through this site.  Email me at the address below and you child's information will be sent to you via email.

Ms. Spencer's email


General Requirements for my classes:
At least a one (1) subject notebook
Loose leaf--all assignments are handed in on loose leaf
Pens and pencils
Scientific Calculator
Policies and Procedures:
1.  Be prepared for class at all times
2.  Arrive to class on time!  I do not tolerate lateness
4.  You have 2 days to take a make up exam if you have brought in a doctor's note.   After the 2 day deadline you will receive a 0%.  It is your responsibility to schedule a make up test time with me am or pm.
5.  Assigned projects are to be completed in the allotted time.  NO EXTENDED TIME WILL BE GIVEN TO STUDENTS.  The Penalty is a 5 to 10 point deduction per day including weekends
6.  Be responsible for your own work, behavior and conduct.  Make up any work that you have missed.  Sympathy cannot be graded.
7.  If you are absent from class, it is your responsibility to get the notes and assigments that you missed from another classmate.  The excuse "..but, I wasn't here, I don't have the notes" really does not make sense to me.
8.  Homework is given almost every night and is to be handed in for a grade
9.  Only Dark Blue or Black ink may be used in class. NO EXCEPTIONS.
10.  Respect is reciprical