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Tips, Hints and Extra Credit!

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Tips, Hints and Extra Credit!
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Extre Credit Guidelines

Gray angelfish, close-up

Any time you need help, email me or ask me after class.  I do not bite...really I don't!

Ms. Spencer's help line (click here for my email)

The American Museum of Natural History

The Discovery Channel

Regents Exam Review and Practice

The Biology Project(Arizona University)

Virtual (really good!!)Human Anatomy Pictures

The Young Naturalist Awards

Atlas of Human Anatomy

Ken's BioWeb Resources

Colored Diagrams of Histological Sections

Mr. Johnson's Biology 2

Anatomy Notes

Access Excellence

A Look Inside the Human Body

Organ System Pathology Images

Plant Science

Biology Study Guide

General Study Tips

Always do your assignments.  Homework is very important. (I have had students fail the class for not doing the homework assignments....please do not let this happen to you!)
When writing anything, never forget who your audience is .  The written word is meant to be read, but will not always be read by the same person.  Tailor your writing style to suit the people who will be reading your work.  ALWAYS WRITE IN STANDARD ENGLISH!!  NONE OF THIS "MAD PHAT " AND "YO SHORTY" STUFF!

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